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Restoration Work
At Antiquarian Bookcrafts we specialise in the restoration and preservation of damaged bindings to archival specifications.
Using our wide selection of goatskins, calfskins, vellums, cloths, handmade and hand marbled papers we can replicate any style or age of binding. We also supply individual conservation boxes, slipcases and portfolios.
Below are pictures of the restoration of a parish register from 1762, every page was laminated with acid free conservation tissue, resewn and the original velum cover cleaned and restored, to help in the preservation on the binding a solander box has been made to store the register in
We also undertake the restoration of objects d’Art where leather or gold tooling is involved i.e leather picture frames, carriage clock cases.
Our bindings are collected and displays in Libraries and private collections Des Breen is a member of the Irish Professional Conservation and Restoration Association and Design Bookbinders